I like read, play video games, watch movies, and play Ultimate Frisbee! I have created this website to work as a fun resource for my past, present, and future students.

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Personal Plan for Using Technology in the Classroom

  1. Time Management Tools

I plan on using the app, Google Calendar in order to plan out what I want to do on my class. I can utilize this to set up appointments, meetings, and parent teacher conferences. On top of that I can use it for any conferences that I attend and use it to make sure that my life outside of the classroom doesn’t clash with any plans. Also one of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to using planners is that I forget to look at what I put in them, but google calendar will send me reminders/notifications of what I have planned.

  1. Presentation Software

In my future classes I hope to have a Smart Board, dependent on the brand of smart board used, there are different software to go along with those. I will use this software to make engaging lessons that can be visual and fun with the different color/writing capabilities that a smart board provides. Also, these lessons will be kinesthetic as I will ask students to perform different tasks on the board.

  1. Screen Capture Software

I plan to utilize Snagit in order to capture different images on my computer and be able to crop them on the spot. This app lets you crop a picture out of what currently lies on your screen. I can use this technology to help create engaging worksheets and activities that will use visuals from outside sources.



  1. Top Websites

I plan to use Nearpod in order to create engaging lessons that allow me to immediately assess the students’ work and see where they are at with learning new material. Nearpod is a website that you can set up questions and your class can log in to answer those questions. Using iPads or Chromebooks, they can sow their work and work through the given problems. On the teacher’s screen I can observe what each student is doing, and show them to the class individually.

I also plan on using Desmos in order to create different visuals for various assessments and I can give the students this website as a tool to use if their calculator is not handy, or as an alternative that may come easier to some students over suing a calculator.